ASU Football’s Coaching Upgrade By Devil Russ

Have you been noticing a trend with ASU football?  We have been on an impressive run adding quality coaches to the staff.  Many of them former HC’s with impressive resumes.  Just this week HC Todd Graham, who by all accounts has the blandest name in coaching, quietly added former Memphis HC Larry Porter to coach a talented group of RB’s.  Simply reading that headline, we could have easily missed the brilliance of this hire.  By digging deeper you read that Porter was LSU’s recruiting coordinator and running back’s coach during an impressive five year run with LSU.  His classes annually ranked among the top recruiting classes in the country. Normally you and I would take this with a grain of salt, but twice (2007 and 2009) being named national recruiter of the year by is impressive.  This in addition to being the position coach for both Joseph Addai and Jacob Hester signals an upgrade for Cameron Marshall and incoming stud DJ Foster.  Just prior to adding Coach Porter, who could end up being an absolute steal, HC Todd Graham and the Devils added Ron West.  Aside from being another one syllable first and last name coach, Ron adds over thirty years of coaching and recruiting experience to the team.  Experience that you just can’t replace.  Assuming Graham flips the recruiting coordinator title from Chip Long (yet another first and last named one syllable coach) to Larry Porter you and I should like the moves.  Another coordinator level and remarkably yet another one syllable first and last named coach is former Washington State University Co-Defensive Coordinator Chris Ball.  We’ve noticed two things with these hires. The Devils should have an impressive upgrade at the coaching positions. Denny’s tenure had too many of Denny’s drinking buddy’s from his days at Miami (See Rich Olson).  It also tells us that for some odd reason, we should expect more one syllable coaches.

By Devil Russ

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