Coaching Options

When he was hired, Herb Sendek appeared to be the right choice and even produced the type of results we as a fan base should expect.  Unfortunately, that has not been sustainable due to poor recruiting decisions and mass player defections.  The fact is Sendek’s level of success is eerily similar to Rob Evans.

As coach of the Sun Devils, Rob Evans led the team to a 119-120 (.497) record while going 55-89 (.382) in conference while Sendek has a record of 96-91(.513) and a conference record of 42-61 (.408) as of February 12, 2012.  Both coaches were able to bring in a program-changing recruit (Ike Diogu and James Harden) but were unable to build upon the success they achieved.

The current state of the basketball program means ASU will be unable to attract the big names that the casual fan will know and instead they need to look at the mid-major ranks to find the next up-and-coming coach.  The most important quality our next coach needs is the ability to recruit.  You can be the best strategist in the world but without the talent to put that plan into effect you will be doomed to fail.  To me, there are two names every Sun Devil fan needs to learn, Archie Miller of Dayton and Cameron Dollar of Seattle.

Archie Miller should sound familiar to fans of Sun Devil basketball.  He spent three years as an assistant coach for Herb Sendek (two at North Carolina State and one at Arizona State) before heading south to coach with his brother, Sean Miller, for a year with the Arizona Wildcats.  In addition to those coaching stops, he spent two years with Thad Matta at Ohio State University.  Miller is known to be a top-notch recruiter as well as a great game planner.  By hiring Miller, you can be sure that the Sun Devils will get national attention anytime we play the Wildcats.

Here is the link for Miller’s bio:

Cameron Dollar may be a little bit of an obscure name to outsiders but he has immense experience in the PAC as both a player (UCLA) and assistant coach (Washington).  Dollar spent 7 years on Lorenzo Romar’s staff being a major force on the recruiting trail that has helped Washington rise to the top of the PAC for the past few years.

Here is the link for Dollar’s bio:

The main argument against both of these coaches will be their inexperience; Dollar is in his second year as a head coach and Miller is in his first.  With ASU having to replace a football coach, basketball coach, and hopefully an AD, they will have little money left to attract coaches.  In a situation like this, it is always better to get a young coach a year too early versus a year to late.  If the Devils decide to wait another year, both Miller and Dollar will be hot names and able to get any available coaching job they want.  The worst thing for the program is to suffer another year with Sendek at the helm.  He has proven how far he can lead the team and unfortunately, it is not far enough.  We as fans should not accept the results the team has given us the past few years and need to demand more success.

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  1. Once Bruce Weber is fired by U of I.. I am thinking we give him some serious consideration. Devil Russ

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