ASU Strategic Plan By Devil Russ

ASU Athletic Chief Operating Officer is a similar position to that of Ted Phillips of the Chicago Bears. A man with no ties to the program, no ties to the sport of football yet is emerging as the main person in charge of making substantive decisions in ASU’s athletic department. Why is that? Business. My and your good money says Michael Crow thought the $200K+ salary to bring in a person who by many accounts may not be up to the job, is a cheap way of helping secure outdated and ill advised upgrade to ASU facilities. Ted Phillips convinced the city of Chicago to create a district to help pay for upgrades to Soldier Field. We all know how that turned out. Unless you are into watching football being played inside alien spaceships, then you can call the project a failure. Sound familiar? New tax districts, ill advised remodeling plans, no long term plans and a non-football guy running football stuff.

Why is that ASU is always trying to scrounge up funds to do something substantive and anything worth while. One of’s primary goals is to bring football back to Camp Tontozona. Here is Mr. Patterson asking unidentified people to “put their money where their mouth is” in response to upgrades needed at the quaint facility northeast of Phoenix (

Basically, repairs to the football fields and some work to bring the facility back to working order for a couple of weeks. Why ASU doesn’t have a fund of some sort set up for projects like this is beyond you and me. To fundraise is one thing. To ask presumably alumni to “put their money where their mouth is” is sophomoric. Clean it up ASU’s athletic department and Steve Patterson. Let’s get after it by laying out a fifteen year strategic initiative that addresses fundraising, facilities, coaching philosophy, education, marketing, how to embrace former Devils and filling up a current or reconfigured Sun Devil stadium. Businesses don’t work without business plans and until the current administration realizes this, ASU will lose yet another decade of opportunity.

By Devil Russ

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