ASU Gets It Wrong Again With Bad Hire

When I first heard the news that Lisa Love was leaving, my reaction was “Good start. As long as Steve Patterson does not take over”. One minute later it was confirmed through text message via the Arizona Republic that the worst case scenario had been realized. Patterson was in. This guy is so over his skis that when this hire fails, Dr. Michael Crow needs to be held responsible. Dr. Crow has been increasingly vocal about all things sports after spending the past ten years in a lava tube letting others shape the local sports scene. But now Crow has his guy to hang out with and high five all of the bad moves that are about to occur. As has recently pointed out, Patterson is the business man that no one in the room listens to when the conversation turns to sports. He’s the guy that is going to jam a new Sun Devil stadium down our collective Sun Devil throats that we guarantee will include no collaboration or insight on what our thoughts as boosters and fans think. When he gets it wrong, I blame Crow for this mess and the numerous ones that have occurred to Sun Devil nation over the past decade. Speaking of the Arizona Republic, Bickley gets this one wrong too. Sorry, but explain to me again why Patterson is such a “smooth, stylish and personable” guy? He was an also ran in professional sports. Have you ever heard of this guy before throughout his 25+ years of professional experience?

Look no further than our disastrous basketball program? Guaranteed Jahaii Carson transfers from this mess. Ultimately, it looks like we might have gotten the right guy for the football job, well at least the right guy that we turn to after courting (cough) June Jones. What a disaster. Let’s not start on our once proud baseball program either. That has been totally mishandled from the internal investigation that led to Lisa Love’s contract extension to not accepting the 1-year ban during a transition year wasting a valuable opportunity for future ASU baseball teams.

And you know who was the man behind the curtain pulling the strings and reporting behind Lisa’s back to Dr. Crow as part of the good ole boys club? Steve Patterson. When you clean house, you start anew. You look outside the program and find that “smooth, stylish and personable” guy from a power conference that wishes he could live in Tempe. That’s what is so great about Coach Todd. That guy is living the dream.

Lisa Love was an articulate, accomplished sports executive and former athlete that was far more approachable than given credit for. Did anyone notice the strange coincidence that six of the seven national championships that ASU won during her tenure were women’s teams? Nothing outrageous, just kind of an odd fact. Ultimately, when the good ole boys club gets together, hires your replacement and then forces him to work with you, you might be wound a little tight too. Bad hire. Bad move.

By Devil Russ

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