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What does that number mean to you?

To me it means 82%, a B- if you will.

Sun Devil Stadium has a current seating capacity of 71,706. The metro Phoenix area has approximately 3 million people. Hell, in the fall of 2010, ASU had a total enrollment, both undergraduate and graduate, of 70,440.

ASU football had the largest increase in average attendance last year in country and a lot of it was due to high expectations that were left unmet. Despite the additional 11,064 fans a game we are still only at 82% capacity.

Question: What came first the chicken or the egg?

Answer: Who cares, they both taste good and you can’t have one without the other.

Think of the best programs in the country and what two things do they all have in common? Great fans and winning tradition. Now granted most of those rabid fan bases were developed through years of consistent winning but even when they have down years their fans still show up to fill the stadium, cheer loud, and support their team. This environment makes it tremendously easier on the coaches to recruit because no athlete wants to play in front of half empty stadiums, or worse yet stadiums with more of the opposing teams fans than their own. If we want new head coach Todd Graham to succeed we need to collectively get behind him and cheer for him and his players. Next year is expected to be a down year because we lost a fair amount of talent, but Graham is not taking over a program that lacks talent and with his recruiting class that includes 9 JC transfers he might just surprise you. So show up, be loud, wear Maroon & Gold, and give the Devils on the field someone and something to play for.

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A BIG Day For the Devils, Once Again Forgotten By The ASU Administration By Devil Russ

Today, ASU and former Chandler High/Hamilton standout won this year’s NFL Defensive Player of the Year honors. This is a fantastic achievement for a Devil that remains an underrated part of ASU past. And therein lies the problem. In setting the NCAA career record for sacks with 44 (the next highest total being a DISTANT 38 by Jason Babin from Western Michigan’s powerful Mid-American conference) Suggs remains somewhat of a forgotten man with Sundevil nation. He is hardly embraced by our current Athletic Department led by Lisa Love. This is a Sundevil that should be embraced, honored and worked into the recruiting process to find the next Terell Suggs. He should be on the sidelines of Devil games leading the team in the ASU fight song. (HC Todd Graham, are you listening?) Instead, he is the forgotten man. During the failed coaching search that nearly landed the underwhelming June Jones, Suggs tweeted “I see ASU dropped the ball again. Former players like myself will never get involved with the program if they never hire a winner! Peroid (sic)!” Ouch. Actually, honest. ASU should have had a press release out tonight with ASU VP for University Athletics Lisa Love in attendance while he received the AP Defensive Player of the year award.  She should have been there with one of our new black Devil football jerseys with the name on the back that said “NFL Defensive POY 2011”. Instead, once again.. we decided to sit this one out on the sidelines.

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Baseball Is Near by Devil Jeff

ASU needs some good news. We have suffered through an embarrassing collapse from our football team followed by an even worse coaching search. Then our top basketball recruit fails to qualify and leaves the basketball team hanging as they try to fight to stay out of the bottom class of teams in the nation. Now that spring is here, we can actually talk about a team worth discussing. ASU baseball starts in less than two weeks, February 17 to be exact, and they come in ranked 17th in the nation according to Baseball America.

The Devils feature three likely first round picks in the 2012 Major League Baseball draft. Shortstop Deven Marrero (probable top 5 pick), RHP Jake Barret, and RHP Brady Rodgers all need to lead the team for them to live up to their potential. Throw in wildcards like DH Joey DeMichele, closer Trevor Williams, and LHP Bradon Bonilla (Bobby’s son) and the Devils could even shock some people and challenge Stanford, UCLA, and Arizona for the Pac-12 crown.

Of course, this wouldn’t be ASU if there weren’t any controversy. The Devils are banned from any post-season play this season because of infractions from the Pat Murphy era. Even without any post-season this team has a lot to play for. Nothing is better than playing spoiler and ruining Arizona’s season. They hopefully will use this season as a stepping-stone to rebuild the program into the championship quality team have all come to expect.

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We ARE SUNDEVILSLEGIT.COM Posted by Devil Russ believes it’s up to us as alum to get involved and create a platform that demands a MUCH higher standard to ASU Athletics than we currently see.  We will talk about all things Devils of course but also offer concrete ideas that will hopefully lead to a stronger program that embraces it’s past but also prepares for the future. We believe that developing the right types of leadership, strengthening the fundraising program and embracing fellow Devils such as Jake Plummer, Phil Mickelson and yes even Barry Bonds is important.  We are

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